To make a booking or a quote use our booking form. If you have questions please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

What are the delivery charges for the car to be delivered to my hotel?
Depending on the car you select the delivery fees vary by supplier, in some cases is free. Please search for a car using our booking engine.
Which payment methods are accepted when booking a car?
Payment methods vary by supplier. Please search our network of suppliers by using our booking engine.
What type of insurance is included when i book a car?
Insurance vary by supplier, to see what kind of insurance is included with your car reservation,To read the terms and conditions of each car supplied please use our booking engine.
How secure is booking a car on Car Rental Bookers?
Your data is protected, and when your car gets confirmed you will get an official rental voucher from the car supplier you have selected to book with.
What exactly happens after i book a car?
Your reservation is then forwarded to the selected supplier for confirmation and once the car is available only then you're getting charged for the small deposit, and you will receive a voucher with all the details on the remaining amount to pay, and on how to pick up and how to meet instructions, those vary by supplier but are very well stated
Do I receive an invoice for my booking?
A small fee is paid upon confirmation of the requested vehicle and an invoice is generated, the remaining amount is paid locally the day you will pick your car up directly to the supplier who will honor your booking and issue your rental agreement and final invoice.